FixedFloat is back

Thank you, our dear users!

First of all, we want to thank you, our dear users, for your support that you have given us during this difficult period in our history. Each of your messages is not just words, it is your faith in us, which we value above all else. We read every letter and pass on your kind words to our entire friendly team. Your support and dedication was felt by every one of our employees.

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we wait for FixedFloat to return to service. We saw how much you miss us, and it's mutual. Your kind words and expressions of support have given us strength and motivation to continue working to provide you with the best service possible.

Thank you for your patience and faith in us!

What happened to FixedFloat?

On the night of February 16-17, our system was hacked. This was an external attack caused by vulnerabilities in our security structure. Our infrastructure was compromised due to insufficient security. This allowed attackers to gain access to some functions of our service. As a result of the hack, $26,1 million was stolen.

We did not immediately report the hack, as our initial goal was to ensure security and minimize losses. We are focused on quickly addressing weaknesses and strengthening overall security, as well as taking stock of what happened.

We can share fairly limited information at this time as the investigation into the hack continues. We cooperate with law enforcement agencies, blockchain forensics companies, and cryptocurrency exchanges. We will be able to provide a full report once the investigation is complete.

Are our users affected?

No, our users' funds remain safe. FixedFloat is a non-custodial service. We do not store our users' funds. Only our service suffered losses as a result of the hack; only our liquidity suffered.

When the fact of hacking was discovered, the service was urgently turned off. Because of this, more than 30 user orders were temporarily stopped. At the moment, all orders have been completed.

FixedFloat has fulfilled all obligations to its users. All orders that were stopped due to a service outage have been completed.

FixedFloat has resumed operation

Since this incident involved a data breach related to our service infrastructure, we can only report that our technical team is conducting various security checks. We will not make any publications regarding exactly how the protection of our service has been and will be configured.

FixedFloat also successfully completed the transition to the new domain, which we had been planning to do for a long time. This transition is the result of extensive technical work that has been carried out to update our service.

In addition, we would like to point out repeated errors in numerous articles by journalists and news services about us and the hack that occurred. FixedFloat is not a cryptocurrency mixer. We send funds as a result of exchanges only from our addresses, information about which is public. FixedFloat is an automatic non-custodial centralized cryptocurrency exchange service.

In addition, we strongly disagree with the baseless claims that the majority of funds sent to FixedFloat are of criminal origin. On the contrary, we actively take action against money laundering and cybercrime to the best of our ability. Our position is to vigorously oppose any type of criminal activity as it has a detrimental effect on the crypto community as a whole.

We would like to note that we are ready to give official comments and clarifications on issues regarding our activities and the hacking that occurred. We are available to journalists and are ready for open dialogue and cooperation in order to avoid publications with false information.

Currently, FixedFloat has resumed operations, with 23 currencies and tokens available for exchange. Our technicians and developers are working intensively to fully restore the service as soon as possible, and we expect the service to be fully operational again in the coming days.

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