News of cryptocurrencies of the 3rd week of October 2023

The BTC price has reached $30,000 again

On October 20 of this year, quotes of the first cryptocurrency exceeded the $30,000 mark. This period is accompanied by a significant increase in activity, which increased by 9.2% per week. At the time of writing, the price of BTC continues to strengthen above $29,700.

Moreover, over the past 24 hours, the currency recorded a value of $17.3 billion, which comes against the backdrop of a total market capitalization of $571.3 billion. Taking this into account, it is important to note that almost all assets from the top 10 are in the “green zone”, which indicates growth and activity of the market.

It is quite interesting that the CEO of Morgan Stanley, Danny Galdino, has expressed the assumption that the crypto winter may end, which adds intrigue and excitement to the world of cryptocurrency investments.

Circle Launches Native USDC Token on Polygon

Circle decided to take the initiative and release its USDC stablecoin to Ethereum's second layer solution, Polygon. This move is intended to solve two main problems: increasing the speed of transactions and reducing fees.

Circle previously provided the ability to transact with USDC.e on the Polygon network. However, having made the decision, the company announced the end of support for USDC.e as of November 10th.

Currently, FixedFloat only supports the USDC.e token.

SEC drops charges against Ripple executives

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said the SEC no longer intends to charge Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Executive Chairman Chris Larsen with inciting and aiding violations of federal securities laws in the context of XRP transactions. Thus, the expected trial scheduled for next year came to an unexpected end.

According to an official statement, both parties have mutually agreed to drop charges of aiding and abetting related to the activities of two leading Ripple individuals. It is important to emphasize that despite this decision, other allegations regarding the supply and sale of XRP remain in force, leaving a number of unresolved issues in this situation.

Fantom Foundation suffered $550 thousand from hack

The Fantom Foundation is addressing the fallout from a security breach that affected its blockchain infrastructure. This incident was caused by the exploitation of a zero-day vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser.

This is just one of many blockchain incidents that have struck confidence in the sector during the current month. Ultimately, the damage totaled a whopping $657,000 when hackers successfully drained resources from more than 35 Fantom and Ethereum wallets.

This problem was discovered and actively discussed within the Fantom Foundation community, especially on the Telegram platform, where participants were the first reporters of this alarming situation. It is important to note that despite all the turmoil, the fund's significant assets remained unharmed and stored in cold wallets, providing lasting protection.

Binance burned over $453 million worth of BNB

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance conducted its 25th quarterly Binance Coin (BNB) token burn, removing 2.14 million coins valued at $453.5 million from circulation. This move represented approximately 1.38% of the total BNB supply. It is also worth noting here that an additional 314.69 BNB was destroyed as part of the Pioneer Burn program.

This important development provides a “transparent, verifiable and objective process” that is not dependent on a centralized exchange, as Binance representatives emphasized. In addition, it is worth noting that BNB Chain continues to actively conduct the process of burning a portion of gas fees in real time.

Buterin has not sold ETH since 2018

The creator of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, stated that since 2018 he has not carried out a single operation with ETH for his personal interests. Buterin emphasized that one should not rely on news headlines that are published about his actions regarding ETH. In a statement posted Tuesday, he clarified that recent movements of cryptocurrency from his wallets primarily represent donations that have gone to various charities, non-profits, and projects.

This information was provided by Buterin in response to numerous reports that were actively discussed in the crypto community claiming that he was selling ETH and other cryptocurrencies in amounts of millions of dollars.

In 2024, USDT reserves report will be available in real time

In an interview with Bloomberg, newly appointed Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino presented ambitious plans for the USDT stablecoin by 2024. These plans include steps to ensure greater transparency, increased investment in advanced technologies, important negotiations with regulators, and a focus on renewable energy that reflects environmental responsibility.

For the second quarter of this year, Tether announced an impressive net profit of $850 million. It is important to note that 85% of USDT's backing comes from cash and cash equivalents, which ensures the stability of this cryptocurrency. In September, the company impressed with its activity in the US bond market, becoming the 22nd largest buyer with reserves of an impressive $72.5 billion.

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