0x. Features and Benefits

A brief history of 0x

0x is a multifunctional protocol designed to facilitate the exchange of ERC-20 protocol currencies in the ETH system. The protocol allows you to establish connections between decentralized applications using available smart contracts with the ability to connect any DApps. Unit of account 0x — ZRX coin, which is an ERC-20 token.

Decentralized management allows for smooth and secure deployment of updates to the core protocol. Operational work consists in the fact that only the most valuable operation is included in the block chain. The very process of exchanging coins remains outside the chain, which eliminates network congestion. The ZRX code is freely available.

Features 0x

  • The 0x project has a good reputation. The development team won the startup competition and has popular experts and developers among its investors and co-founders.
  • The 0x protocol is completely free and available to everyone.
  • The platform does not require users to go through the verification and registration procedure.
  • 0x connects decentralized applications and enables asset exchanges using smart contracts. This feature is in demand in the market.

Disadvantages of 0x

  • The protocol works exclusively with ERC-20 tokens. If there are developments using smart contracts that can overtake ETH in popularity, ZRX may have problems.

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