Basic Attention. Features and Benefits

A Brief History of Basic Attention

In 2017, Brendan Eich, creator of the popular JavaScript programming language and co-founder of the Mozilla Firefox browser, launched Basic Attention, a decentralized platform. The project includes its own BAT token (ERC-20) and the Brave browser.

According to the creators of the Basic Attention platform, online advertising is extremely ineffective. It is displayed to uninterested users, and because of this, advertisers lose money. The project was launched to solve this problem.

Brave is a browser that blocks unwanted ads. The browser itself promises anonymity and secure storage of the data of its users. Data is collected about the user's location, interests and search engine queries. They are used for relevant advertising. For viewing ads, users receive a reward in the form of a BAT token. They can sell it, exchange it or invest in projects they like.

How to get a BAT token?

To receive the BAT token, you need to download and install the Brave browser. There are several ways to make money on the platform:

  • As a user of the Brave browser, you can receive a monthly reward of 25-40 tokens from the browser development fund.
  • If you have your own website or channel, you can register it on the Basic Attention platform. Users who like your product can credit you tokens for its development (1, 5 or 10 BAT). Payments of tokens to the wallet occur regularly every month.
  • Another way to make money is to distribute the download link for the Brave browser. For each user who downloads, installs and uses this browser for a month using this link, you can get from $1 to $7.5 (depending on the user's country) in BAT tokens.
  • And the last way is to get BAT for watching ads. To do this, you need to set the amount of ads that you are ready to watch for each hour in your profile settings. View tokens will be automatically credited to your wallet. The amount depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay.

Features of Basic Attention

  • Rapidly growing community of contributors.
  • Basic Attention has many useful tools for advertisers (attention measurement systems, machine learning algorithms). This allows advertisers to receive objective data on the performance of their ads.
  • There are no unnecessary intermediaries. If the user decides to watch the ad, he receives BAT as compensation for the time spent.

Disadvantages of Basic Attention

  • The company is far behind its plans. Many of the promised features have yet to be implemented.