News of cryptocurrencies of the 4th week of October 2023

Bitcoin reached $35,000

Bitcoin surged last week, reaching $35,000. The rise was its highest in over a year and a half, driven by increased speculation that an exchange-traded fund for Bitcoin is imminent. At the moment, at the time of writing this article, the price of the first cryptocurrency fluctuates around $34,336.

Zcash 7 years

October 28, 2023 was a special day for the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) community. This day marked seven years since the launch of the main network.

Let's remember 2016, when ZEC first appeared on the market. This was a period of high volatility and the price of the coin briefly reached an impressive 2600 BTC for 1 ZEC. This was more than $1.8 million at the exchange rate at that time. This event highlights the amazing journey Zcash has traveled since its inception.

Today, the situation on the cryptocurrency market has changed, and the Zcash asset is trading at $27. It ranks 149th in the ranking by capitalization with a total volume of $220.3 million. These changes reflect the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, which continues to be filled with amazing opportunities and challenges for projects like Zcash.

Trezor warns about phishing emails among users

In recent days, alarming information has emerged about phishing attacks targeting users of Trezor hardware crypto wallets. This issue has caused outrage and concern among the crypto community. A blockchain technology specialist known as ZachXBT was one of the first to notice this problem and decided to share the warning with a wider audience through his Telegram channel.

According to information received by ZachXBT, one of the Trezor hardware wallet users received a suspicious email to an address that was specifically created to order this device. However, it is worth noting that this email account was registered only about six months ago. This fact made the expert suspect that there may have been a data leak on the part of the wallet manufacturer Trezor or the British delivery company Evri. At the moment, Trezor is reacting to this situation and stated that it is “looking into this issue.”

The Arbitrum team has opened the possibility of launching L3 networks L3

Offchain Labs, the company behind the innovative L2 protocol Arbitrum, has provided access to the Orbit software stack, making it possible to create layer 3 blockchains running on the main network. In June, developers were first allowed to use this tool to create devnet solutions. It is interesting to note that transaction support was carried out through the Arbitrum Goerli test network, which made it possible to thoroughly test the system.

As stated in the official statement, Orbit is “a proven alternative solution for data availability, offering a unique opportunity to conduct transactions at extremely low costs, even less than a cent, without sacrificing security and minimizing trust.” This event highlights the importance of innovation in the world of blockchain technologies and opens up new horizons for developers and users.

Polygon has started the migration process from MATIC to POL

Polygon developers have taken on an important mission - the migration of MATIC tokens. This transition will consist of four phases, the first of which is the launch of Polygon 2.0, which will integrate a new betting layer. This innovative layer will use the POL token, which will form the basis for a future gas token that will be used across all Polygon networks.

Ethereum developers have postponed the Dencun hard fork to 2024

Ethereum client developers confirm that the long-awaited Dencun update will not be implemented on the main network until after 2023. During the All Core Developers live call, Prysm team member Potuz highlighted the ongoing challenges faced when testing consensus in developer testnets. Over the past few months, the team has already deployed ten similar solutions to test the update.

The decision to push the update to the main testnets was made taking into account the current circumstances and reliability. This step is planned to be postponed at least until the end of the Ethereum developer conference in Istanbul, scheduled for mid-November. This decision highlights the importance of thorough testing and security assurance before implementing updates to the Ethereum blockchain network.

Former Ripple CTO forgot wallet password

The former technical director of Ripple found himself in a surprisingly difficult situation - he lost access to the contents of the IronKey hard drive, on which an impressive amount of 7002 BTC is stored. In trying to regain access, he got the password wrong 8 times out of 10, and now he only has two attempts left. If these attempts are unsuccessful, all data on the hard drive will be permanently deleted. The question arises: how to save funds? Unciphered has come up with an unusual proposal - they claim to be able to hack this wallet.

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