News of cryptocurrencies of the 4th week of June 2024

Bitcoin rate fell below $61,000

Against the backdrop of Bitcoin falling below $61,000, the activity of major players in the derivatives market has noticeably decreased. The fall in the BTC rate led to the fall of the entire cryptocurrency market. Solana was hit particularly hard among the top ten coins, falling 15% to $124.

Some analysts attribute this drop to the news that the trustee of the Mt.Gox exchange that went bankrupt in 2014 plans to begin paying compensation in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and cash from the beginning of July. This decision was made after completing preparations, including technical support, compliance with international regulations and coordination of transfers with crypto exchanges. Payments will be made one by one to platforms that have confirmed the required information.

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin rate fluctuates around $61,460.

Despite the general negative background, some experts view various indicators as potential signals for growth.

The cryptocurrency market is bearish

On June 25, the index of fear and greed in the cryptocurrency market dropped to 30 points - the last time such low values ​​were recorded was in September 2023. The decrease in this indicator occurred against the backdrop of a general decline in the crypto market. Analysts believe that the next important level for Bitcoin will be $54,000. If BTC falls below this level, the market may enter a bearish phase.

The TON ecosystem suffered a large-scale phisher attack

Owners of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in The Open Network (TON) ecosystem have become victims of massive phishing attacks aimed at stealing assets, experts from SlowMist report. According to experts, scammers distribute malicious links and malicious bots in Telegram groups, passing them off as announcements of airdrops.

In addition to stealing funds, attackers seek to gain access to anonymous numbers in the messenger, which allows them to take over accounts created with their help. To protect your accounts, it is recommended to use two-factor authentication.

Solana Foundation Launches Tools to Optimize Blockchain Transactions

The Solana Foundation has introduced new tools to turn any website or app into a portal for cryptocurrency payments and blockchain transactions.

The solution, called Solana Actions, is a set of APIs that allows you to preview, sign, and send blockchain transactions in a variety of contexts. These contexts may include QR codes, buttons or widgets in mobile and desktop applications, as well as on websites.

The blinks tool is one way to use Actions. It allows you to turn any action on the Solana platform into a public link that can be shared. This means that any digital path represented as a URL becomes the starting point for transactions on Solana.

The organization emphasized that using Actions and blinks is similar to connecting a wallet to decentralized applications (dapps), so it is recommended to use only trusted sites. The domains of the partners involved in the launch of these tools have been whitelisted by the Solana Foundation.

Ethereum Foundation warns community about phishing emails

The Ethereum Foundation reported that its account on the SendPulse newsletter platform was hacked, allowing hackers to launch a targeted phishing campaign. Blockchain developer Tim Beiko informed about this. The attackers tried to deceive users by presenting a fake collaboration between the Ethereum Foundation and Lido, offering to lock assets in the service at the promised 6.8% per annum.

BNB Chain will allocate $900,000 to support meme tokens

The BNB Chain ecosystem announced the launch of the “Meme Heroes” program, allocating $900,000 to support liquidity pools (LPs) to stimulate the development of promising meme projects.

Project selection criteria include the following requirements:

  • 100% of the pool's liquidity must be locked for at least one year or sent to a null address.
  • Inclusion in LP of 10% of the total supply of tokens.
  • The top 10 EOA holders may own less than 10% of the total coin supply.
  • Encouraging large holders to lock up or gradually release their funds over time.

The source code of the meme token must be checked by BscScan or undergo a security audit. Trading volume, number of coin holders, and market capitalization of the project will also be taken into account.

BNB Chain is committed to reinvesting all income from liquidity pools back into the ecosystem. The team is currently accepting applications from meme token developers to participate in the program.