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The icon should be used when space is limited, such as on listings, charts or diagrams. The icon is based on the symbols of two arrows located diagonally. The main colors of the logo are the orange color and dark blue.


Icon on dark background

On dark background, the left arrow is white, and the right arrow is orange.


Icon on our background

If you need a square image to represent the brand, it is recommended to use the logo on our background


Primary logo

The primary logo is depicted with the wordmark FIXED to the left of the icon and the word FLOAT to the right of the icon. The left half of the logo is orange color and the right half is dark blue.


Primary logo on dark background

On dark background, the left half of the logo is white color and the right half is orange.


Primary logo on our background

Like an icon, a logo can have our background.

Dark blue
HEX: #263E4F RGB: 38, 62, 79
HEX: #F7931A RGB: 247, 147, 26

Logo colors

The main color is orange. This is the color of Bitcoin — the main and oldest cryptocurrency. Dark blue is the neutral brand color of FixedFloat. Logo colors can be changed to show the direction of exchange. However, the colors must match the shades of the cryptocurrencies between which the exchange takes place.