News of cryptocurrencies of the 4th week of April 2023

Cortina update activated on Avalanche network

On April 25, an update took place in the Avalanche network called Cortina. The purpose of the update is to optimize the protocol. The update enabled the X-Chain migration to run Snowman++ consensus, migrating the entire network to a single consensus engine. This solution enables complex X-Chain transactions. The update also allows group rewards for delegators.

Validators vote on BNB Chain

BNB Chain validators supported the decision to reduce gas fees by 40% from 5 GWEI to 3 GWEI. This was done in order for the network to be competitive with other Ethereum second layer networks. BNB is currently ranked 4th by market capitalization after BTC, ETH and USDT.

Ethereum ICO participant moved coins for the first time in almost 8 years

Nearly 8 years later, the Ethereum address involved in the ICO made a transaction for the first time. Earlier in the summer of 2015, the address received 2365 ETH at the current exchange rate of $0.31 at that time. The first transaction that took place this week was for 1 ETH, which is about $1862 at the current exchange rate, and a few minutes later 2359 ETH was sent, which at the time of the transaction was approximately $4346481. Such events always attract the attention of the crypto community, participants begin to wonder about the reasons why the owner decided to use the coins right now.

Phishing ads led to the theft of over $4 million

In the Google search engine, unknown people launched a phishing ad, as a result of which almost 3,200 victims lost $4.16 million. Links imitating cryptocurrency projects ask users for a digital wallet signature for authorization. As a result, the attackers gain access to the wallets of the victims. The attackers themselves spent about $15,000 on advertising. The stolen funds were sent to popular mixers and exchanges.

FixedFloat strongly advises users to check site links carefully and under no circumstances share wallet keys with anyone. Detailed tips on avoiding fraud can be found in our article.

Changpeng Zhao ranked #3 in Bloomberg's 25 Financial Titans

Changpeng Zhao ranked 3rd with $28.2 billion in Bloomberg's 25 Financial Titans. Zhao is the CEO of the world's largest exchange, Binance, with over 120 million users. Bloomberg estimated on April 5 that the exchange's revenue exceeds $12 billion. Changpeng Zhao denied the Bloomberg information, saying that his net worth is much less.

Polygon Labs and Google Cloud announce partnership

Polygon Labs has partnered with Google Cloud to drive the growth of its ecosystem. The collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of Polygon's core protocols, including Polygon PoS, Polygon Supernets, and Polygon zkEVM, with Google's cloud infrastructure and developer tools. The company said initial tests to run Polygon zkEVM zero-knowledge proofs on Google Cloud resulted in significantly faster and cheaper transactions than the current setup. Google Cloud said the company wants to develop "an enterprise-ready Web3 infrastructure" with Polygon.

Crypto investors declare the death of the bitcoin industry in the US

The crypto community is watching developments in the United States with caution. Many investors have already expressed the opinion that the actions of regulators are negatively affecting the community. Billionaire and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya believes that the US cryptocurrency sector is on the brink of survival. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has repeatedly blamed cryptocurrencies for irregularities and even a banking crisis. The investor has no doubt that the US will continue to fight this industry. Due to the collapse of FTX and the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency hedge funds, the reputation of good projects has suffered. The billionaire himself is a supporter of BTC and bought the coins back in 2013.

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