How to prove Monero transaction?

Since XMR is a completely anonymous cryptocurrency, information in transactions is also encrypted and inaccessible to everyone. In order to prove the sending of funds, the transaction can be decrypted. In this article, we will consider how to confirm sending to a specific address and see the amount that was sent to this address.

To decrypt the transaction you will need:

  1. Tx hash of transaction (transaction number).
  2. The address to which the transaction was sent.
  3. Tx private key (private key of this transaction).

Private key is available only to the sender. If your wallet does not have the function of obtaining a private transaction key, in order to receive it, you need to contact the technical support of your wallet or exchange where the transaction was sent from.

We want to pay attention to the fact that some wallets or exchanges may refuse to issue private keys to their users due to the peculiarities of developing their services.

Transcript of the transaction on the site

To decrypt the transaction, follow the link, insert into the Tx hash field of our transaction and click "Lookup".

After loading the page, you can see general information about the transaction, which is available to everyone. At the very bottom of the page, click on the item in the "Prove sending" form. Insert Tx private key and address:

Press the "Prove" button and after loading the page we get the result of the transaction decryption, which is proof that the transaction was sent to the correct address. When decrypting a transaction, you can also get information about the amount of the transaction, which can also serve as evidence.

If incorrect or false information was entered when decrypting a transaction, then you will receive an error that the transaction cannot be decrypted.

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