News of cryptocurrencies of the 3rd week of May 2023

The volume of transactions in the Dogecoin network has surpassed Bitcoin and Litecoin

The Dogecoin network recorded a new all-time high, the transaction volume reached 628209. At the moment, Dogecoin has surpassed both Bitcoin and Litecoin in this indicator. This noticeable dynamics is explained by the significant activity associated with the DRC-20 standard tokens, which opens up new opportunities for creating digital assets on top of the blockchain.

MicroBT introduced the most powerful Bitcoin miner WhatsMiner M53S++

At the Bitcoin2023 conference in Miami, miner manufacturer MicroBT unveiled the most powerful bitcoin mining device on the market, according to CoinDesk. Their newest, WhatsMiner M53S++, has an amazing hash rate of 320 TH/s with an efficiency of 22 J/TH. This beats Bitmain's competitive Antminer S19 XP Hydro, which delivers 255 TH/s but requires 20.8 J/TH, acknowledged Yang Zuoxing, founder and CEO of MicroBT. MicroBT also showcased two other models: the WhatsMiner M50S++ with 150 TH/s and the M56S++ designed for immersion cooling with 230 TH/s. Both models have an energy efficiency of 22 J/TH.

The company pays attention to the use of renewable energy for mining the first cryptocurrency. MicroBT is working on voltage and frequency adjustments in its devices to match these power supplies optimally. The head of the company notes that more than 90% of the heat generated by the miners can be collected and used for other needs, for example, for heating.

Lightning Network partners with Chainalysis and TRM Labs

The Lightning Network, in partnership with Chainalysis, Notabene, and TRM Labs, has generated a wave of reactions from Twitter users. Some have raised concerns about the ability of regulators in the US and other countries to monitor Bitcoin payments on the Lightning network. Others see the partnership as a compromise solution.

The Solana blockchain recorded an influx of new users

On May 15, the Solana network recorded a significant increase in the number of new addresses, reaching the highest value since June 2022, namely 304,640 addresses. This information is confirmed by data from The Block. During the first half of May, there was a noticeable influx of new users, exceeding the figures for April. Most likely, such a surge in activity was due to an increase in fees in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. In addition, the number of active addresses on the Solana network has also grown, reaching levels seen in January 2023. For example, on May 9, a local maximum was noted with the number of active addresses in the amount of 488,460. Interestingly, the increase in activity in the network had almost no effect on the rate of the native SOL token.

Ledger added a seed phrase recovery function

The new software update 2.2.1 from Ledger has made a significant change by adding a SEED phrase recovery feature called Recover. Users can now extract their SEED phrase and send it to an external service as encrypted shards. However, to enable this feature, you must complete the KYC procedure and verify your identity with a PIN. The news about the introduction of this feature caused negative reactions in the crypto community, as users began to fear for the security of their wallets and the possible risks associated with transferring information to a third-party service.

Attackers forged a hardware crypto wallet and withdrew 1.33 BTC from it

The hackers have reached a new level of cunning by spoofing a hardware crypto wallet and stealing 1.33 BTC without anyone noticing. It is quite unusual that the owner of the device did not perform any operations on the day of the theft, and at the same time the wallet was in a disabled state and kept in a safe. Experts emphasize that the victim purchased a fake hardware wallet, and the factory packaging and holographic stickers looked absolutely unchanged, without arousing any suspicion.

The attackers replaced the ultrasonic welding of the wallet halves with glue and double-sided tape. Moreover, they replaced the original microcontroller with their own, which was flashed and loaded with a modified program that allowed them to bypass the protection mechanisms. FixedFloat recommends that users be careful and only buy wallets from reputable sellers.

Bitcoin enthusiasts will send 1 BTC to the moon

Bitcoin enthusiasts decided to turn their passion into a unique project - send a physical wallet with 1 BTC to the moon. The launch of the rocket that will carry it from the Kennedy Space Center is scheduled for this coming summer. This news caused a stir among cryptocurrency supporters. A metal plate attached to the wallet will be engraved with a public address and a private key of 1 BTC. This will not only provide access to the cryptocurrency itself, but will also become a symbol of the uniqueness of this enterprise. In addition, the plate will include text from the genesis block, majestically dedicated to Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, as a gesture of respect for his contribution to the development of digital finance.

Earlier it became known that SpaceX plans to deliver a private key to a Bitcoin wallet with 62 BTC to the moon. These events underline the increasing role of cryptocurrency in the modern world and its growing popularity.

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