News of cryptocurrencies of the 2nd week of November 2023

Hack Poloniex

On November 10, Poloniex was hacked. The damage is currently estimated at $124.5 million. Justin Sun confirmed the theft. He said that Poloniex is able to reimburse the lost funds at its own expense. The exchange has already turned to other services for help to return the stolen funds.

Justin Sun also suggested to the hacker that if he returned all the funds, he could keep 5% of them. If the hacker does not agree within a week, Poloniex will contact law enforcement. Amid the theft, the TRX rate rose sharply. At the time of writing, the rate is fluctuating around $0.1078.

Bitcoin has updated its annual maximum

This week Bitcoin rose above $37,000. This is the highest rate in the last 18 months. The crypto community is optimistic. However, the historical maximum is still far away. In November 2021, BTC rose to $68,789, but collapsed in 2022.

High fees on the Bitcoin network

With the new wave of popularity of NFTs, the average commission on the Bitcoin network has increased to $7. Bitcoin even overtook Ethereum in terms of NFT sales in the last 24 hours.

Fake Ledger Live users lost almost $800,000

Users who downloaded the fake Ledger Live app from the Microsoft Store lost $768,000 in various cryptocurrencies. For almost a month, the app posed as a legitimate Ledger user interface. As a result, the attackers’ wallet received 38 transactions worth 16.8 BTC and just over 88 ETH. Microsoft has already removed the fake application from its platform.

Capitalization of USDT from Tether exceeded $86 billion

For the first time in history, the capitalization of USDT from Tether exceeded $86 billion. This is due to the optimistic mood of the crypto market.

Lightning Network support will appear in crypto ATMs in El Salvador

Athena Bitcoin Global and Genesis Coin have announced plans to integrate the Lightning Network into ATMs in El Salvador and other Latin American countries. The advantage of this solution will be accelerated withdrawal of funds and low commissions.

The founder of LHV bank forgot the password for the wallet with 250,000 ETH

The founder of the Estonian LHV Bank forgot the password for his Ethereum wallet, which stores 250,000 ETH. He participated in the Ethereum ICO, but then lost his password. The purse is now estimated at $470 million. The owner said he plans to try to recreate his identity as an AI to guess the password.