News of cryptocurrencies of the 3rd week of April 2023

BTC Mining Difficulty Updated High

After another recalculation of BTC mining difficulty, the difficulty increased by 1.72%, bringing the figure to 48.71 T. Over the past year, mining difficulty has fluctuated greatly from 29.79T on April 27, 2022 and reaching the current all-time high on April 20. During this period, only 5 cases of complexity reduction were observed.

Mining difficulty is recalculated approximately every 2 weeks or every 2016 blocks. This is necessary to adjust the difficulty of mining new blocks for miners. The record high indicates the security of the network, the stability of the currency, because it means that BTC attracts more and more miners and investments.

ETH withdrawal from staking continues

The long-awaited Shapella update on the Ethereum network took place last week. Network users can now withdraw coins from staking. After a week, the withdrawal queue has become so long that users have to wait 17 days to get their coins back. It takes 4 days to withdraw only the reward. But this does not mean that the validators are afraid of something, because there are about 28 thousand validators in the queue, which is only about 5% of their total number. In addition, there is not only an outflow of funds, but also an inflow: at the moment, about 1.08 million ETH have been withdrawn, but about 600 thousand ETH have been added to staking.

Hacker to return 80% of SafeMoon funds

Last month, the Safemoon team reported that one of the liquidity pools was hacked, resulting in the loss of 27,000 BNB, which at the time was $8.9 million). The hacker exploited a vulnerability in the burning mechanism. A few hours later, the hacker got in touch with the developers and said that he did it by accident and was ready to return the funds back. For some unknown reason, negotiations on the return dragged on for a month. But finally it became known that the hacker will return 80% of the tokens to the Safemoon team.

BNB Chain developers have created a list of risky projects

BNB Chain developers continue to add to the list of risky projects. To check the project for risk, the user needs to go to the site and enter the address of the project's smart contract in the search. The result of the verification is not an investment recommendation, but it helps users to check the smart contract for originality and validity.

Michael Saylor integrated Lightning into corporate email

Michael Saylor is a clear supporter of BTC and is also the co-founder of MicroStrategy. The other day, he integrated the Lightning Network into his corporate email address. Now anyone can use his email address [email protected]. After he announced this on Twitter, fans started sending him donations.

Lightning Network is a second layer solution that allows you to make payments in BTC cheaper and faster. Scalability, speed, support for micropayments, and low power consumption are the advantages of the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Tesla Quarterly Report

In the next quarterly report, Tesla revealed that the company kept assets in BTC intact. She still owns 11,950 BTC, which is roughly $345 million. This is the third quarter in a row that Tesla has not made any BTC transactions. The last major cryptocurrency trade was in the second quarter of 2022 for $936 million (75% of its total supply).

Developer Tornado Cash released under house arrest

Last August, Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsov was arrested in the Netherlands over an investigation into the mixer after the US Treasury Department placed Tornado Cash addresses on the OFAC sanctions list on August 8. From the age of 26 he was allowed to wait for the court decision at home. He will remain under house arrest until his trial on May 24.

Cryptomixers are services created to increase the anonymity of users and hide the origin of their coins. Services mix cryptocurrencies with each other and send them to different addresses. One of the most popular services was Tornado Cash. The news of Pertsov's release from custody delighted the crypto community, the TORN token grew by more than 20%.

April 20 is DOGE Day

In 2021, the DOGE crypto community made a decision and designated April 20 as DOGE Day. Every year on this day, new DOGE-themed memes and jokes spread across the internet. A couple of weeks ago, the price of the coin rose by 30% after Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo to the Dogecoin logo for a few days. After that, the rate temporarily rose by 30% and even overtook Cardano in terms of market capitalization.

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