News of cryptocurrencies of the 1st week of November 2023

TON set a world record for blockchain speed

This week, the TON blockchain realized its goal - it set a new world record for transaction processing speed. In 12 minutes, more than 42 million transactions were sent to the network, the maximum processing speed was 108,409 transactions per second. This is the highest speed among both Visa and Mastercard payment systems, and among all blockchains. The record was set on a test network with 256 validators. With more validators, the network can process many more transactions per second.

SOL grew by 33%

Solana showed good growth this week. The exchange rate increased by 33%, reaching $46. At the time of writing, the rate fluctuates around $41. It is worth noting that the growth occurs despite large sales of SOL by FTX.

Fear and Greed Index hits two-year high

The fear and greed index increased to 72, which is the highest value in the last 2 years. In November 2021, the index was also high against the background of the growth of Bitcoin, the rate of which reached $69,000. After that, the indicator began to fall due to the deteriorating situation in the market. The Bitcoin dominance index fluctuates around 51%, the same value as in April 2021.

FixedFloat prevented an attempt to launder almost $2,000,000

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of our team over the past three days, an attempt to launder stolen funds associated with the hacker group Lazarus from the DPRK has been successfully thwarted. The total amount of funds subject to blocking amounted to about two million dollars. We will continue to work towards enhancing the security and reliability of our services.

40 million BTC transactions in the third quarter

Another record happened this week. During the third quarter, the Bitcoin blockchain processed more than 40 million transactions.

Sam Bankman-Freed found guilty on all charges

On November 2, the next court hearing took place in the case of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. The jury found him guilty of all criminal charges. Each charge carries a sentence of 5 to 20 years in prison. As a result, Sam faces a likely maximum sentence of 115 years. Lawyers on Bankman-Fried's team said they respected the jury's decision. The final verdict will be handed down by the judge on March 28, 2024.

Marathon Digital (MARA) plans to mine using methane

Mining company Marathon Digital has announced the launch of a pilot project. The idea of the project is interesting because mining will be carried out using methane produced from landfill waste. If successful, the company plans to expand in this direction.

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