News of cryptocurrencies of the 1st week of October 2023

USDT turns 9 years old

On October 6, Tether (USDT) celebrated its 9th anniversary. The stablecoin was launched in 2014 by Tether Limited and over the years has become the most capitalized stablecoin. Now capitalization has reached $83 million, second only to Ethereum and Bitcoin. USDT is popular among many decentralized exchanges and DeFi applications. FixedFloat supports USDT on several networks: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana and Tron.

Ethereum network fee dropped to $1

Since November last year, the average fee of the Ethereum network has dropped to $1. This week the current fee is $0.30, and you need to pay about $0.80 to send ERC20 tokens.

Forbes investigation: Binance ICO raised less than $5 million

Forbes conducted its own investigation into the Binance ICO. As a result, the fact that the ICO failed was revealed: Binance planned to sell 100 million BNB, but in the end only 10.78 million were sold. Binance also stated that it would buy back and burn 100 million BNB distributed as an ICO. At the end of the ICO, CZ called the campaign successful.

However, Forbes, based on the results of the investigation, believes that the ICO was a failure, and Binance raised less than $5 million during the ICO. at the end of August, Binance controlled almost 117 million BNB, which is 76% of the total circulation.

SEC charges Do Kwon with Chai fraud

The SEC filed a lawsuit alleging that the founder of Terraform Labs made fake transactions for Chai. The regulator said that the heads of the two companies deceived investors by making it appear that payments were made on the Terra blockchain. As evidence, the regulator showed a screenshot of Do Kwon’s correspondence with Daniel Shin. They ceased to be partners in 2020, but the SEC is confident that the cooperation was long enough to have time to carry out the planned deception.

Ledger cuts staff by 12%

Hardware wallet company Ledger plans to lay off 12% of its employees as it faces a long difficult period. A Ledger representative confirmed this information, but declined to give more details about what was happening. Regulatory pressure and market instability lead to reduced trading volumes and reduced funding. As a result, many exchanges, firms and other cryptocurrency projects were forced to reduce costs and reduce the number of workers.

Solana Co-Founder Calls Ethereum a "Digital Carnival"

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko spoke sharply in favor of the Ethereum blockchain, calling it a “digital carnival” with a bourgeois revolution. He believes that Ethereum cannot be considered truly decentralized. Yakovlenko noted that the world will become truly decentralized only when digital methods become accessible and cheap as air.

The mysterious account of Satoshi Nakamoto in X

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym under which the creator of Bitcoin was hiding. As far as is known, he never had any social media profiles, and it is still unknown exactly who he was. So anyone can use this name and try to impersonate the creator of the most popular cryptocurrency.

This week, a social media profile called Satoshi, created in 2018, published a post announcing the reactivation of the profile and the desire to write new popular tweets in the future. Interestingly, the profile has a blue checkmark, which means that X knows the true identity of the owner of this profile, but this does not exactly confirm that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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