X-Address as new address format of XRP (Ripple)

XRP wallets have a number of features. One of them is that in order to track the transfer of a specific payment to regular r-addresses, you must enter the Destination Tag. But since the Destination Tag is not the only value that can be transmitted in transactions, for users who are not familiar with the features of XRP, this can cause confusion and translation problems.

To enroll a transfer to many services, the Destination Tag is required

In July 2019, Ripple developers released an update, a new format for XRP addresses, referred to as “X-address.” It is easy to recognize, as it always starts with a capital X.

X-address is a combination of r-address and Destination Tag in one address

This new format will prevent users from entering the wrong tag or skipping it. The XRP address development path is very similar to Monero. Previously, for payments on the Monero network, the Payment ID parameter was used along with the address, now an integrated address has come to replace the combination of the address with Payment ID. Many services still use the old format, but it is already considered obsolete.

At the time of writing, X-address does not support all services, so there are problems when users cannot translate to such an address.

Address Decoding

If you need to make a transfer to X-address, and your wallet or exchange does not support this format, you can decode this address into r-address with a tag using the following services:

Xrpscan.com — enter X-address in the search field and click the magnifier button. You will see the account page, you will need to find the Tagged address block, under the X-address field there will be an Account field with r-address displaying with Destination Tag (DT)

Xrpaddress.info — enter X-address in the field "Address to encode/decode" and press the button forward, the service will display r-address (account) and tag

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